Wedding Photographers

A creative duo based in and around

Greenville, South Carolina

This is us. Always smiling, enjoying life, world travelers who love middle eastern food, french dessert, and american coffee. We have seen the world together and planning to continue experiencing new adventures around the world. Our passion for photography started a long time ago when we were in high school. Our hobbies are traveling and shooting, and our dream is to photograph a beautiful wedding on a beach, historic city, or mountain top. Whatever your dream day looks like, message us to see if we can be the ones to capture joy in your day. Because this is about you, working closely together is the best way for us to achieve a fantastic gallery for you. All of that contributed to the success of the process for the couples we shot, and we are grateful to have become a part of it. Get in touch and let us know more about you :-)

-Ginger & Mark

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