Elegant Rosy Theme

An Amazing Venue For Weddings,

The Grand Holland Estate is located in Greenville, SC. It was originally known as The Ryan Nicholas Inn, and it was planned and built by Kim Becherer with the intention of hosting a southern-style wedding. It first opened its doors during the year 2000. Adorned wood, plaster arches, Brazilian cherry flooring, fancy chandeliers, curved columns, antique furniture, and curtains beautify the walls and ceilings of the Inn. 

The Styled Event is hosted by the talented photographer and passionate attorney Nichole Lauren who can create dreamy wedding themes for many vendors so they can show their amazing work to the world.

The event was inspired by the most-watched show on Netflix, Bridgeton. The most popular colors these days are pastel and baby pink, which are ideally suited to a wedding. Those beautiful colors were spotted in many areas at the event. Also, pink is an excellent bridesmaid dress color since it complements many skin tones.

The models Michelle and Shane Taylor are a real couple who have been married for six years. The genuine feelings between them were a sweet reflection of enduring love.....Enjoy it!